Hailing from Dallas, TX., Flatline Records recording artist and CEO, BLVCK LONDON takes a minute to shed some light into his life, and what makes him tick. Here's what he had to say:

MHD: To kick things off, tell us about BLVCK LONDON? Where are you from? How long have you been making music? 

BLVCK LONDON: I’m born and raised in Roanoke, VA but I been in Dallas, TX majority of my life. I started making music about 4 years ago when I was in kollege. 


MHD: How did you start making music? Who were some of your early musical influences?

BLVCK LONDON: I honestly was always into fashion and people automatically assumed because of my style that I was an artist but I was just a business owner. At the time I had an active klothing line so, I decided to do both from a profitable business perspective. It ended up being a way for me to express myself and make money at the same time. I would have to say my music influence is Lil Wayne, big bro the goat. 


MHD: Recently, we’ve had your songs “Rat Trap” and “Goth Love” on repeat. What is your creative process for writing lyrics and beat selection? 

BLVCK LONDON: Every time I make a song it’s something that is relatable to my life and being that I’m intellectual I tend to write every track to make sure I’m articulating myself the same way I’m envisioning the song. I love 808 and melodic beats because I’m very versatile when it komes to making music so I like to switch the sound up at times. 


MHD: What things/necessities are a must when you’re in the studio?

BLVCK LONDON: Good gas and water lol



MHD: Who are some of your favorite artists and/or producers that you would like to work with in the future?

BLVCK LONDON: Kevin Gates, NoCap, Lil Wayne & Drake and as far as producers go LondonOnTheTrack and 808 mafia 


MHD: Do you have any specific music goals that you would like to achieve, in let’s say the next 5 years?

BLVCK LONDON: I have already solidified my LLC for my record label Flatline Records so now I plan to sell it to my trust to protect the assets and start to invest into annual shows and other great artists. I also plan to have a kouple studios/stores open in various states.


MHD: What is one piece of advice that you’ve received in life that you can pass on? Or a gem that you can leave the readers with.

BLVCK LONDON: Keep GOD first, stand for what you know is right and own nothing but kontrol everything. 


MHD: Any upcoming projects that we should be on the lookout for?

BLVCK LONDON: Yessir I am kurrently working on my first mixtape titled Ghetto Romance but no official release date. 

MHD: Where can people find you. Any @’s to follow?



IG: 1blvcklondon

SoundCloud: Blvck London



MHD: Any shout outs?

BLVCK LONDON: S/O GOD S/O Most Hype and S/O all the fans, supporters and haters I kouldn’t do it without y’all. 

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