We recently got a chance to connect with Florida recording artist, DroGotDoe' to ask a couple of questions. Not only is Dro a talented lyricist - he is also humble and ready to make a name for himself in the music industry. Check out what he had to say:

MHD: To kick things off, tell us about Dro'? Where are you from? How long have you been making music? Etc.

Dro: Born & Raised In Clearwater, FL 11-20-1996, Oldest of 4 siblings, Been making music for about three to four years now, I live in Palm Harbor, FL, Sometimes I’m in Atlanta. I’ve been around music my whole life.


MHD: How did you start making music? Who were some of your early musical influences?

Dro: Always used to rap for fun as a kid, got to middle school and we used to freestyle, joke around over popular songs/instrumentals. In High school, maybe around my sophomore year we used to make little shitty songs here and there in my garage or at a friends house lol, we all used to have our own in home studios. Once I graduated high school I started taking it seriously, continued to make music and I would get so much love, good reactions so I’ve been doing it ever since. My dad used to be an artist when I was younger he’s basically my biggest influence in front of Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, T.I


MHD: Recently,  we’ve had your song “NO INTERLUDE” on repeat. Super laid back flow, and the production by Izzy Tha Great and visuals by Saber Media are on-point. How did you end up linking with them?

Dro: I came across Izzy’s beats on YouTube looking for “icytwat type beats”. Heard this specific beat he made an as I was listening to it, I started to freestyle… I ended up coming up with a catchy hook and a smooth flow on the verse to go with it. Once I got everything down I went to the studio and recorded all the vocals. After I left the studio, I got home just to release the song on my SoundCloud the same night.

Now for the visual it all came about when one day I was looking for a local videographer, I found his page through a mutual friend on Instagram and seen his work. I immediately was impressed by the videos he had previously put together so I hit his dm and asked about a video shoot. From there it was a go from the start! We shot the visual all in the time of two hours in Downtown Tampa! Released the visual a week later.


MHD: That’s cool, definitely hope to see more collaborations with you and Izzy along with Saber Media! What is your creative process for writing lyrics?

Dro: If I’m in the studio when I think of lyrics I usually freestyle at first and then write more lines as I go. Sometimes I’ll be at home writing songs then I go to record vocals and end up using what I already had written. If I don’t feel it anymore I’ll write something new. It all depends, just depends.

"Believe in yourself and follow your dreams, never let anything hold you back." -Dro

MHD: What things/necessities are a must when you’re in the studio?

Dro:  Like to have some water with me, some headphones, weed, my phone of course, chips, skittles


MHD: Who are some of your favorite artists and/or producers that you would like to work with in the future?

Dro: Producers: Spaceghostpurrp, CardoGotWings, Pierre Bourne, Staccato, Izak, Marcus Basquiat, Cris Dinero, DWN2EARTH, Icytwat, ChaseTheMoney, Larry League, Southside, Chris Fresh

Artists: Xavier Wulf, Chris Travis, Key!, UnoTheActivist, Thouxanbanfauni, Playboi Carti, Levi Carter, Warhol, Lucki, Madeintyo, Maxo Kream, Trippie Redd, Pollari, Wifisfuneral, Robb Bank$, Ski Mask


MHD: Do you have any specific music goals that you would like to achieve, in let’s say the next 5 years?

Dro: I wanna be apart of more tours, make it to a festival lineup, get my videos premiered on world star, saycheese, elevator, etc, I want my song in a movie or tv show, I want make it to an award show, do features with artists that I’ve dreamed of working with or look up to. Make a stable living of my own music for me and my family.


MHD: What is one piece of advice that you’ve received in life that you can pass on? Or a gem that you can leave the readers with.

Dro: You have to be very strong and mature in this industry, stay focused and humble. Be able to take constructive criticism, show love and support one another. Always remember that not everyone will like your music or maybe even have something to say about it when it’s undeniably good. Believe in yourself and follow your dreams, never let anything hold you back.


MHD: That’s some real knowledge right there. Any upcoming projects that we should be on the lookout for?

Dro: I have a couple EPs in the works, not official titles yet but they’re dropping Late November/Early December


MHD: We’ll definitely be on the lookout for those projects. Make sure to keep us updated! Where can people find you. Any @’s to follow? (Twitter, Soundcloud, etc.)

Dro: You can find me on any social media app, if you search @drogotdoe, my SoundCloud link is soundcloud.com/drogotdoe and you can find a lot of my music on YouTube also.


MHD: Any shout outs?

Dro: I would like to s/o MOST HYPE DROPS for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed, the support, & to get know me as an artist/person. I also wanna shout out all my family, friends that been here for me since day one. I last but not least wanna thank god for putting me here on this earth to do what I love to do.


Thanks to Dro for taking the time to do this interview. Be sure to support and subscribe to his Soundcloud page. There is no doubt DroGotDoe' will continue putting out quality music, so be on the lookout for his future releases right here on MOST HYPE DROPS.



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