Hailing from Miami, FL. underground artist Jayy-Teee is making a name for himself on the music scene. If you're not already spinning his records, take a minute to get in-tune:

MHD: To kick things off, tell us about yourself? Where are you from? How long have you been making music? How did you start making music? 

JAYY-TEEE: Whatup bro I’m a 18 year old rapper from Miami, Florida and I been making music since like freshman year of high school but it was mad lowkey cause I was playing basketball at the time and I really wanted to be in the NBA. So, I wrote music but never took it seriously until like around Junior year when I realized that I can actually do better than all these other rappers right now, so I pulled up my Android with some broken headphones and got to spittin on this music app called BandLab.

MHD: Who were some of your early musical influences?

JAYY-TEEE: Some of my early musical influences was Eminem, Michael Jackson, Drake, Lil Wayne and Kanye West. To me all these guys represented Music; culture. These guys definitely influenced me to make music for sure.

MHD: What is your creative process for writing lyrics and beat selection? 

JAYY-TEEE: I’m a picky ass beat selector bro, it takes me mad long to find a great beat but anyways my Creative process is that I like being alone and just listening to beats just chilling and write whatever comes to mind honestly.

MHD: What things/necessities are a must when you’re in the studio?

JAYY-TEEE: For everyone to shut the fu*k up cause I’m bout to spit some dope sh*t.

MHD: Who are some of your favorite artists and/or producers that you would like to work with in the future?

JAYY-TEEE: I would love to work with Joyner Lucas and Big Sean bro, I don’t know I just feel like those guys really match my music and we are all really good artist and as for Producers I’d love to work with Metro Boomin and Timbaland just because those guys are nastyyyy bro.

MHD: Do you have any specific music goals that you would like to achieve, in let’s say the next 5 years?

JAYY-TEEE: I’d love to perform bro and I also want to blow up to spread my message, whether people view it negatively or positively I just want to make an impact on the world.

MHD: What is one piece of advice that you’ve received in life that you can pass on? Or a gem that you can leave the readers with.

JAYY-TEEE: Never and I mean NEVER let people take you for granted don’t let people use you, use them because at the end of the day you a lone soldier in this herd of snakes, so just watch who you with and surround yourself with like minded people as yourself.

"...whether people view it negatively or positively I just want to make an impact on the world."



MHD: Any upcoming projects that we should be on the lookout for?

JAYY-TEEE: I don’t have anything in particular but I’m thinking of starting my first album ever, don’t know when it’s gonna be just gotta plan this shit out first.

MHD: Where can people find you. Any @’s to follow? (Twitter, Soundcloud, etc.)

JAYY-TEEE: Instagram “Jayyteee._” , Twitter “@jayyzus” SoundCloud “Jayy-Teee” and for Spotify and Apple Music “JayyTeee”

MHD: Any shout outs? 

JAYY-TEEE: Shout out to my moms bro without her I wouldn’t be shit honestly and also shout out to my boys bro they tease me a lot but I got love for em I know they just want to see me succeed as I do for them Also, a shout out to my Creatives 0nly family bro them boys brought me in and showed me that there are lots of good rappers out there that are going unrecognized so yeah bro and shout out to MOSTHYPEDROPS for setting this up for me Thank you for the opportunity this shits a blessing Forreal.

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