This week we got the chance to connect with New York recording artist, Small Boss to ask him a few questions. With a vast discography released on Black Tie Records, consistent work ethic and ambitions as large as the city itself - his future looks brighter than ever. Take a look at what he had to say:

MHD: To kick things off, tell us about Small Boss? Where are you from? How long have you been making music? Etc.

SMALL BOSS: Yeah, for sure! I’m currently living in New York, New York; I grew up about 20 minutes out of the city.  I’ve been making music for 17 years now. I started writing raps when I was 7 years old, but I didn’t really get serious about it until I was around 14. I just turned 24 so it’s been dope to watch my progression from all the way back then up to the stuff you’re hearing today.


MHD: That’s impressive. It sounds like you have a natural passion for creating music. How did you come up with the name Small Boss?

SMALL BOSS: That’s a great question! I was actually watching an Interview where a few artists spoke about how they chose their names. Having a name that rhymed with a lot of stuff was something that came up more than once and that idea just stuck with me. I remember sitting there trying all these different names out in freestyles and when I said Small Boss, it just worked, I could rhyme it with all these different things and I’ve been Small Boss ever since. If you listen for it, I’m always looking for new and creative ways to rhyme Small Boss and keep that energy going to this day.


MHD: It’s always interesting to hear the origins of a name. Your most recent full release, Small Boss EP ,had a well versed variety of songs (Tatted On My Eyelids, On My Way PT. II  and Know Wassup are underrated!), and beats for any mood. What is your process for putting together a full project and beat selection?  

SMALL BOSS: Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed those tracks! Whenever I’m working on a project it’s really about having fun and pushing myself further than what I think I achieved on the last one. I like to start with a blank piece of paper and just write out ideas and vibes I’d like to express on that project. From there I like to write at least 10 more songs than I think I would need. So for example, The Small Boss EP was 5 songs plus a bonus but there was probably at least 10 other songs that could have made it on there. Having fun and writing songs is what this is all about for me so with that approach I just work hard until I have a bunch of material and then pick what I like the most. In terms of beat selection, I work with so many awesome producers from around the world and thanks to the internet it’s so easy to do. I look for beats with a great energy no matter the mood of the beat, I always want something fresh and unique.


MHD: Speaking of creating full projects - out of your entire discography, which song or album has been your favorite to work on so far and why?

SMALL BOSS: Another great question! This one is a little more difficult because I have a lot of tracks out there but I’d have to say that the music I’ve been cooking up recently has really been my favorite to work on. Not only has my production team grown but the craftsmanship and level of attention that we’ve been spending on every song has made it a really fun thing to be a part of on a whole different level than ever before. I can’t wait to share it!


MHD:  That’s good to hear - sounds like a lot more music is on the horizon. Now, let’s shift gears and take it to the studio. What things/necessities are a must when you’re working on new tracks?

SMALL BOSS: The studio is all about energy for me. So the biggest necessity is a positive vibe, I don’t keep any negativity around me. Aside from that, great beats are a must, also a great team which I’m lucky enough to have, and last but certainly not least, some fire weed is always a great contribution to a positive vibe and an overall great session. When all of those things come together you have everything you need to cook up some heat.


MHD: Speaking of positive energy, who are some of your favorite artists and/or producers that you would like to work with in the future?

SMALL BOSS: Damn, this one is always tough for me. Jay-Z is probably my favorite rapper of all time, being from NY working with HOV, 50 cent, Cam’ron, Fabolous, G-unit, Dipset, LL, Public Enemy, really any of the East Coast legends has always been a dream of mine. Kanye would be cool too lol. As far as producers go, just to name a few, I need a DJ Premier beat at some point. I need something from ‘Ye, something from Timbaland, Pharrell, Just Blaze, 9th Wonder, Scott Storch. These are the guys I grew up on. On that same tip though, I definitely want to work with some of the more modern guys like Boi1da, Jahlilbeats, Tay Keith, MurdaBeats, Zaytoven, Metroboomin, Pi’erre Bourne.  Really, I’d love to make music with any artist who loves to make music.


MHD: That is a list of legends right there, good choices for real. It also lends itself to having a good ear for music. Where do you see yourself musically in 5 years?

SMALL BOSS: In 5 years I see myself pushing even newer boundaries, and pushing them even further.  I see myself making music that speaks to the next 10 years from any given point. I’ll never stop pushing myself to grow as an artist and because of that I think that in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years from now, I can safely say I’ll be making music that speaks to the times, sheds light on what’s current, and seeks to bring the best out of people, including myself. One of my biggest goals as an artist is to make timeless music that sounds like the future no matter when you're hearing it.

"One of my biggest goals as an artist is to make timeless music that sounds like the future no matter when you're hearing it."


MHD: Definitely a forward thinking approach to making music. That’s deep right there. Let’s say you had to recommend only one of your songs to a new listener, which would it be?

SMALL BOSS: Hmm… It would definitely have to be I Been Told. Not just because it’s current but also because, like all of my music, it’s a 100% true story and it paints a picture of where I come from both literally, as in the town I grew up in, and figuratively, in describing the mindset and outlook I have going from that town and coming into this industry. It’s also just a really fun song. Shout out to Gareth Young and The Beat Plug who both worked on the production.


MHD: Looking forward to what you and your team come up with. Any plans on releasing visuals for I Been Told?

SMALL BOSS: It’s been so cool to watch how big of a comeback Music Videos have made in 2018. My team and I are big fans of visuals that tell a story and look great at the same time. Without revealing to much. We definitely plan to step back into the visual arena very soon.


MHD: Are you working on any upcoming projects that we should be on the lookout for?

SMALL BOSS: I am working on a lot of new music! I’d say we have over 2 projects worth of music at this point. I can’t say too much but definitely keep an eye out for new music from me within the next few months because we are coming in hot. LOL.


MHD: Any shout outs?

SMALL BOSS: Absolutely. Shout out to God of course! My Team! My Black Tie Records Family! Shout out to my Producer, Will Harris at Sabella Studios! Shout out to Ofir Yakobowicz, Executive Producer of The Small Boss EP! Shout out to MOST HYPE DROPS for having me! and a special shout out to all my Affiliates out there!! God Bless!!


Thanks to Small Boss for taking the time to do this interview. Be sure to support and subscribe to his Soundcloud page. Also, listen to the Small Boss EP below. There is no doubt Small Boss will continue putting out quality music, so be on the lookout for his future releases right here on MOST HYPE DROPS.



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