We got the opportunity to ask up-and-coming, Florida rap duo, SOL4RSYST3M a few questions. Turns out the group is humble, hard-working and hungry to make a name for themselves in the music industry. Check out what they had to say:

MHD: To get things started, tell us about SOL4RSYST3M? Where are you from? How long have you been making music? Member names, Etc.

SOL4RSYST3M: We’re a rap duo from Palm Beach, Florida. We’re blood brothers. We’ve been making music throughout our lives, but we just started taking it serious this year. Our Solo rap names are Javaris X and Reg X.  

MHD: How did you come up with the name SOL4RSYST3M and the unique spelling?

SOL4RSYST3M: We were just brainstorming about how the capabilities of humans are limitless. As long as we try, we can make whatever reality we want. The Universe is infinite and the word solar system came to my mind. We replaced the ‘A’ and the ‘E’ with numbers and put it in all capital letters because it looked good like that.  

MHD: Really digging the infinite/limitless theme. That’s what’s up. At the beginning, what was your biggest inspiration to start making music?

SOL4RSYST3M [Reg X]: I tried to see if I could rap on a Youtube instrumental and I did it, so that right there inspired me enough to start writing music.

SOL4RSYST3M [Javaris X]:   I just always wanted to have a voice, I never liked the fact that people didn’t care about what I had to say, so I started making songs as a way to express myself.  

MHD: Being able to have a voice is powerful for sure. You can tell in each of your songs that you have a message for the world. Speaking about a message - really feeling your latest project 2nd Chances EP, especially Despair. Also - Tragedy, and Grew Up In That Fye are on repeat (need a music video for them!). What is your creative process when you make a song and how long does it usually take to finish a track?

SOL4RSYST3M: Thanks bro glad you rock with it and we got lots of visuals dropping soon. Recently we’ve just been hitting record, vibing to the beat and just freestyling it. It doesn't take that long to write it or to record the vocals. But It does take a while for us to finish one whole track because we record our own tracks and also mix and master them ourselves.  

MHD: Respect. Sounds like making music is a natural process for you, especially doing the mixing and mastering as well. What do you feel has been the biggest milestone in your musical career so far?

SOL4RSYST3M: We haven’t really done anything too serious yet to be honest but we can say that we are happy that soundcloud has grown over 1200+ followers in these past 10 months and we are just really proud of the fact that we can genuinely say we are taking music serious at this point. We even taught ourselves to use Pro Tools which is cool because we don’t have to pay for studio time anymore.  

MHD:  Nice to have those skills within the group, those studio bills can be costly. Who are some of your musical influences and inspirations currently?

SOL4RSYST3M: Xxxtentacion , Kendrick Lamar, Lil Peep, WifisFuneral , J. Cole.  

MHD: What are a couple of your favorite bars that you’ve spit?

SOL4RSYST3M: So many bro. We really like the Chorus to our Song “ Despair” & “NoteBook Wet”.  

MHD: Agree on both songs. NoteBook Wet is another track that’s on repeat for sure. Each of your tracks also show great beat selection - are there any producers that you would you like to work with or that have your attention right now?

SOL4RSYST3M: Anybody who can make hard beats. Don’t really have favorites we just like dope beats that fit our sound.  

MHD: Where do you see yourselves musically in 5 years?

SOL4RSYST3M: Our own Independent Record Label and SOL4RSYST3M is established as a successful brand with at least one studio album to our name.  

MHD: Any shout outs?

SOL4RSYST3M: Yeah just want to give a shout out to Soundcloud for developing a platform for us to release our music on. We plan to take full advantage also want to shout out MOST HYPE DROPS for giving us this interview. Peace & Love to my fans.  

"As long as we try, we can make whatever reality we want." 
  Thanks to Javaris X and Reg X for taking the time for this interview. Be sure to support SOL4RSYST3M and subscribe to their Soundcloud page. Also listen to some of their new music below. There is no doubt Javaris X and Reg X will continue putting out quality music, so be on the lookout for their future releases right here on MOST HYPE DROPS. Follow  / @MOSTHYPEDROPS NoteBook Wet: Tragedy: Grew Up In That Fye! (Fire): Despair:
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