We recently got the opportunity to ask Los Angeles recording artist Trev Deshon a few questions. With new projects on the way and fresh off the heels of releasing his new single titled "To The Top" featuring Casey Veggies - Trev Deshon's future is looking brighter than ever. Check out what he had to say.

MHD: To kick things off, tell us about Trev Deshon? Where are you from? How long have you been making music? Etc.

TREV DESHON: I go by the name of Trev Deshon. I’m from South Central LA. I've been making music since 2011. Man I just love music. I love what type of energy it brings. I love the ins and outs of it. I love how it’s an ultimate form of expression. It’s both forgiving and unforgiving. It’s really whatever you want to make it. As long as I can wake up everyday and make music I’m solid.


MHD: How did you start making music? Who were some of your early musical influences?

TREV DESHON: I started making music through acting actually. I was an actor first before I started rapping. I started acting in high school. I had done a couple stage plays and I enjoyed it. I had quit basketball my junior year of high school. This dude named Brandon Rainey introduced me to acting, he was my drama teacher. He told me one day, “Yo, you’re a popular kid, like you should probably just forget about all that other stuff.” (Laughs) He knew I was over my basketball situation. I had hated the coach. I would never say his name cuz you know what I’m sayin, that’s bad. Yea...No Imma say his name, Coach Davis. He was just a bad coach. He wasn’t seeing my potential. All my homies will vouch for me. I hope they see this so they can laugh about it. But basically to make a long story short, I quit ball in 11th grade and started acting. Rainey basically made me the guy of the school through acting. He did musicals so you had to remember raps and songs like that. So that’s where I started rapping and I thought yo I can actually rap and I got the voice for it. So through that lane I started making my own music.

Some of my early influences? Andre 3000 of course, Q-Tip, 50 Cent, Jay of course, man I can go on and on...Wu-Tang...People that just make you want to rap. KRS1, Method Man, Phife Dawg, Kanye...Old Kanye (Laughs). My favorite rapper though is definitely Andre 3000. Very underrated. People don’t feel like he the best, but they trippin in my opinion. Second favorite rapper is Jay-Z. But yea cats like that.


MHD: One of our favorite tracks of yours is Juve 90s & 2s. It’s a track with a lot of thought provoking bars and solid production (Definitely a hot track). What is your creative process for writing lyrics and beat selection?

TREV DESHON: For writing lyrics it just comes to mind. If I got a beer or something there we good (laughs). I can just talk to Meza, my manager, and I’ll be good. Or usually if I’m by myself, it just flows man. I’ll be writing down ideas. I use this technique. I’ll write for 20 minutes just freestyling. Writing anything that comes to mind basically over any beat. So from there I’ll take parts from that 20 minute session and pick and choose certain lines for certain songs. Kinda like putting a puzzle together. It’s fun man I enjoy the process.

Beat selection for me comes from listening to oldies and stuff like that. I like beats that have samples. I just really like a lot of stuff that has soul in it. If it got that vibe it’s probably gonna be in my shopping cart of beats. If not the soul vibe and I’m getting over some more up tempo shit, it has to have a bounce. It can’t sound like anything else that people are trying to get over, you know. Because I feel like I’m unique at picking the beats.


MHD: Most recently,  we’ve had your song “To The Top” featuring Casey Veggies on repeat. The vocals, production (Triumph), cinematography (Samiee) - everything about it was on point. At the same time, to release a high-quality project like that is challenging. How did it all come together?

TREV DESHON: First of all that whole situation was a blessing. Thank you, I appreciate the love. We worked hard to put that one together. But yea man, Meza, my manager works closely with Casey too. So when we were wrapping up Summer Jam, Meza had pulled up on Casey and played the tracks we had done so far. The fact that he even listened is crazy to me man. I’m grateful. But yea, from the bunch he was fuckin with that particular record. And it’s funny because Triumph and I had knocked that record out the same day Meza had gone over. It’s crazy how that worked out. But yea, he told Meza he would hop on it. I got the text. And I was like yo wtf foreal? For me that was a huge accomplishment. He had us pull up to his studio and he knocked it out on the spot. That session was crazy. He did his shit man. It was love. He showed mad love. And I just look forward to working with him again in the future. Oh and Shout out to Samiee for that amazing video (laughs).


MHD: That’s wild how the whole project came together like that. A lot of stars had to align. Speaking of the studio, what things/necessities are a must when you’re recording?

TREV DESHON: I talked about it earlier. Beer. (laughs) Vibe man. The vibe gotta be there. I’m not big on having a million people in the studio. I’m more so concerned about the vibe. If I got people in there and the vibe is straight, we good. But if it’s off, I probably won’t record anything. Again definitely need beer. Lately though man I ain’t gon lie I been writing my best shit off a couple blunts. Couple of those and I’ll be straight. I been tryna work this beer belly off in the gym man, but I need it in the studio (laughs). It’s not needed but it’s needed you know? Gotta get it done. I don’t really need all the extra shit like a bunch of women, people, or any of that different shit like that. It could be me and Meza or me and whatever producer I’m working with and I could make some crazy shit.


MHD: Who are some of your favorite artists and/or producers that you would like to work with in the future?

TREV DESHON: I wanna work with Hit Boy. If I get an Andre or Jay feature of course. All these different people that you want on a song. Drake...Young Thug...Gunna…These different cats that you enjoy their craft and know they can deliver on a record. I don’t want to miss anybody but there’s just so many people. There’s also people that just made it, like Reason. He just made it, and I still want to cook more tracks with him. New Socks still a banger. It’s just so many people man (laughs) It’s hard to just give 100 names but there’s a bunch of people I would love to collab with. But if I can do one feature right now, I would have to say Q. ScHoolboy Q. Because everytime he comes out with some shit it’s the best product.

Producers man...Official he hard...Quise, my cousin, he one of my producers. Triumph we already got 2 projects out and some more shit on the way. Meza was playing some shit for me earlier today. Malik Ninety Five. We got some shit on the way too. I just want to work with anyone who has the same vibe and same goals as me. Which is to do everything at a high level and continuously make progress. Never give up and always keep going.


MHD: Do you have any specific music goals that you would like to achieve, in let’s say the next 5 years?

TREV DESHON: YEA! The next 5 years I see myself touring. I don’t want to come off the road for 5-8 years. I don’t care if I’d be rocking out for 20,000 at a festival or 2,000 at a venue. I just want to be able to give the people a show to remember. I’m always going to be working on music. That will always be a constant in my life and career. But the bigger I get, the more shows I want. I want to be able to show love to the people that show love to me. You know what I’m saying? I think that’s where some people lose. They get super on and disappear or lose sight of giving back to their fans. But what about the people that are buying in and want to relate to you even more you know? People relate to your music and support so why not give back? I want to do the meet and greets. Pull up to a fans crib. Give motivation and connect. I wanna give back to the community for those who are in need you know? Things like that. I just wanna give back in a huge way. I had everything I wanted when I was growing up, but there's kids that don’t. I come from the inner city and I lived in the hood. So I want to give as much back as possible. I just want to spread the love. If I can’t do that then I don’t want to do music.


MHD: What is one piece of advice that you’ve received in life that you can pass on? Or a gem that you can leave the readers with.

TREV DESHON: I was at a Church and Kirk Franklin was speaking. He was preaching and he said “DELAYED NOT DENIED”. Anytime you down, anytime you feel like you can’t do what you want to do, and life is messed up, you gotta know it is only temporary. This is for anybody. What I take from that is that life will have a lot of delays, life will have a lot of shortcomings. When you’re in a slump you have to know at the end of the day it’s only a delay for something better that’s to come. Something way more amazing than anything you can think of. You are not denied. That’s what I can give you man. That’s the gem I got.


MHD: Any upcoming projects that we should be on the lookout for?

TREV DESHON: Yea, of course man. My two upcoming projects. “Goodnight” & “Stressin”. I feel like this is probably some of my best work. Goodnight coming first, so look out for it. And Stressin gonna follow. That one gonna be a full on album with probably 10-13 songs. I’m looking forward to next year man.


MHD: Where can people find you. Any @’s to follow? (Twitter, Soundcloud, etc.)

TREV DESHON: Twitter, IG, and SoundCloud all the same: @TrevDeshon. Im Google-able (laughs)


MHD: Any shout outs?

TREV DESHON: Shit man...Shout out to Meza, my nigga Kwesi, Quise, Triumph, Samiee, Omar. Shit all my niggas man you know who you are. If you’re reading this, thank you. Shout out to you.


Thanks and much respect to Trev for taking the time to do this interview. Be sure to be on the lookout for Trev in the future and make sure to support his future projects. 

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